Francis Javerliat

Like many, I start with the small family camera, About the age of 12, with which I make some small shows on Dailymotion. Little by little, characters are created, and I'm starting to want to Tell stories.

At the same time, I discover the webseries "the visitor of Future ", mixing science fiction and humour, which will be a click In the genres that interest me the most, namely the fantastic and the Science fiction.

I also participate in my first experiences in Transmedia Through the works of the company Ankama, navigating in media to the other for To create a universe and a rich and complete experience, freeing The limits of a single medium.

I also join Creative Community, an association of Realization of machinima, mainly on the game Minecraft, allowing me To discover a new form of creation.

Today, I always try to develop universes Based on the new forms of creations and the different types of Media to create unique experiences in a global work.

All My Projects

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