Gaspard Meier – Chaurand

I started my professional career in the audiovisual industry by the Actort 10 years ago. It was by the game on the platters that my desire for cinema was born.

Since then I have continued to work as an actor while developing my main passion: the realization.

Over the past 3 years, I have made several short films, from the institutional video for "La Poste Group", to the short fiction film as "Nuit Blanche" selected in the festival.

Today I deplore the increasingly marked dissociation between films and entertainment programmes and others only labelled "intellectual". Therefore, I would like to be able to place my work at the crossroads of these two paths in order to reconcile them, addressing myself to the greatest number, for the sake of openness.

On the horizon next I want to develop projects in the new technologies of audiovisual, in reality virtual and Film 360 ° in order to anchor my work in the heart of my time and to open the field of possibilities in the world of audiovisual.

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