Victor Taieb

Could my life be summed up in a few lines?


I was born on a summer day, after which, I grew up, I knew the school. And between us, love was clearly not at the rendezvous. I ended up leaving her at the bachelor's degree. Then I spent a year at the Ecole de Condé, doing art, real. I was drawing black on white. I then decided to go and study communication in London for a year. There, in the Anglo-Saxon effervescence, it is love at first sight: I discover the realization.

I decided to go back to Paris. I'm integrating the EICAR film school. I experiment, I try, I fail, I start again. I run my YouTube channel and my Facebook page during my training. Every week I make a new video. Every week I play, I frame, I light, I go up.

I am passionate and feel comfortable on the new media with which I enjoy experimenting. When it comes to creating and making laugh, I become a relentless. In short? I try to be simple and efficient, much like my life!

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